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Thursday, November 17

Ichi Sophia

Originally uploaded by MAKazalia.

this is Ichi Sophia

she has not yet reached full feather
in this picture taken when she was about 4 months old,,,


Originally uploaded by MAKazalia.

Uno Valentino, a Rouen drake--
at 5 months of age now has his green
head feathers, Claret chest with a silvery underside--

I got him from a hatchery the day after
he emerged from his egg...along with his now grown mate Inchi Sophia--
they looked nearly identical as chicks and into their juvenile stage--so I named one Uno (one in Spanish) and the other Ichi (One in Japanese)--later when they reach their full colorful stage I added their second names--

Monday, November 14

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HD MOE, Robin Demers, Tina Butcher, T. Kilgore Splake,
Shari Koopmann, David B. McCoy, Tracy M. Rogers,
Joseph Verrilli, Michael Rothenberg, August Highland,
Annette Marie Hyder, with photos and other art by:
Jing Zhou Cheryl Townsend Guy R. Benning
Catherine Marche August Highland Ellen Peckham
Tantra Bensko Tracy M. Rogers
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