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Wednesday, June 8

Clara Venus Issue ONE release

Clara Venus April 2K5 SOLD OUT
fulva flava November 2K5 Copies Available
Defect Cult Winter 2K6

Clara Venus -- a handprinted 7 color serigraph cover wrapped around 76 pages of creative prose, poetry and photographs by some of the best small press writers in the U.S.A. and Australia. Featuring 9 photographs by small press writer, publisher, and filmmaker Cheryl Townsend. and the writing of Lyn Lifshin, Michael Rothenberg, Tsaurah Litzky, Arthur Winfield Knight, Kit Kennedy, Belladonna , Duane Locke, Sue Mayfield-Geiger, Francis Poole, Viola Lee, Reginald Sinclair Lewis, Alison Carb Sussman, Austin Alexis, Nikki Thompson, Elizabeth Brunazzi, Tina Butcher, Julie L. Andrews, Dorothy Bates, Laura Elrick, Deborah Rothchild, Oliver Cutshaw, Lala, Cynthia Liang, Graham Nunn, Jacqueline K. Powers, Suellen Wedmore, Lenore Weiss, Will Hochman, H D Moe, and Christopher Mulrooney and his translation of a poem by the French poet Paul Valery.

This inaugural issue of Clara Venus may be a bit larger than future issues of all 3 Red Hand Press annuals--Clara Venus, fulva flava and Defect Cult--willl contain approx. 50 pages per issue. Individual issues available for $7. each plus $2. mailing within the USA. Subscriptions $15. for 3 issues (one of each annual ) Cash, check and M.O. made payable to Marie Kazalia please. Send Orders & Submissions to:

Marie Kazalia
PO BOX 422344
San Francisco CA 94142-2344
Marie Kazalia
PO BOX 485
Cortland, OH 44410

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