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Saturday, March 4

my baby Valentino

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Monday, February 20


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Sunday, February 12


Read Jonathan Penton's review of the Red Hand Press
literary annual CLARA VENUS --- online at Big Bridge

Thursday, November 17

Ichi Sophia

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this is Ichi Sophia

she has not yet reached full feather
in this picture taken when she was about 4 months old,,,


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Uno Valentino, a Rouen drake--
at 5 months of age now has his green
head feathers, Claret chest with a silvery underside--

I got him from a hatchery the day after
he emerged from his egg...along with his now grown mate Inchi Sophia--
they looked nearly identical as chicks and into their juvenile stage--so I named one Uno (one in Spanish) and the other Ichi (One in Japanese)--later when they reach their full colorful stage I added their second names--

Monday, November 14

fulva flava literary art journal first issue available now buy before the price increases poets writers artists poetry prose short fiction erotic

fulva flava first issue features poetry and prose by:
B Z Niditch, Elizabeth Brunazzi, Mark Terrill, Alan Catlin,
Amy Purton-Long, Richard Kostelanetz, Susan Richardson, Francis Poole, Kit Kennedy, Hal Sirowitz, Julie L. Andrews, Dave Church, Belladonna, Reginald S. Lewis, Susan Mauer, Alison Carb Sussman, Mark Sonnenfeld, Joseph Farley, Lana Hechtman Ayers, Christopher Mulrooney & his translation of: Stuart Merril, Barbara Hoffman, Paul Corman-Roberts, Lyn Lifshin, Graham Nunn, Nikki Thompson, Shane Allison, Michelle Hill, Charles Curtis Blackwell, Laurie Stone,
Taylor Graham, Cheryl Townsend, Guy R. Benning,
Tsaurah Litzky, Robert J. Savino, Morrigan Benton-Floyd,
HD MOE, Robin Demers, Tina Butcher, T. Kilgore Splake,
Shari Koopmann, David B. McCoy, Tracy M. Rogers,
Joseph Verrilli, Michael Rothenberg, August Highland,
Annette Marie Hyder, with photos and other art by:
Jing Zhou Cheryl Townsend Guy R. Benning
Catherine Marche August Highland Ellen Peckham
Tantra Bensko Tracy M. Rogers
about Red Hand Press publications e-mail: for more information
on-line visit: Red Hand Press
fulva flava
Clara Venus
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DEFECT CULT, ( DEFECT CULT release in Winter of 2006)


CASH, checks or M.O.’s made payable to Marie Kazalia, to:

Red Hand Press
P .O. Box 485
Cortland, OH 44410

Wednesday, June 8

Clara Venus Issue ONE release

Clara Venus April 2K5 SOLD OUT
fulva flava November 2K5 Copies Available
Defect Cult Winter 2K6

Clara Venus -- a handprinted 7 color serigraph cover wrapped around 76 pages of creative prose, poetry and photographs by some of the best small press writers in the U.S.A. and Australia. Featuring 9 photographs by small press writer, publisher, and filmmaker Cheryl Townsend. and the writing of Lyn Lifshin, Michael Rothenberg, Tsaurah Litzky, Arthur Winfield Knight, Kit Kennedy, Belladonna , Duane Locke, Sue Mayfield-Geiger, Francis Poole, Viola Lee, Reginald Sinclair Lewis, Alison Carb Sussman, Austin Alexis, Nikki Thompson, Elizabeth Brunazzi, Tina Butcher, Julie L. Andrews, Dorothy Bates, Laura Elrick, Deborah Rothchild, Oliver Cutshaw, Lala, Cynthia Liang, Graham Nunn, Jacqueline K. Powers, Suellen Wedmore, Lenore Weiss, Will Hochman, H D Moe, and Christopher Mulrooney and his translation of a poem by the French poet Paul Valery.

This inaugural issue of Clara Venus may be a bit larger than future issues of all 3 Red Hand Press annuals--Clara Venus, fulva flava and Defect Cult--willl contain approx. 50 pages per issue. Individual issues available for $7. each plus $2. mailing within the USA. Subscriptions $15. for 3 issues (one of each annual ) Cash, check and M.O. made payable to Marie Kazalia please. Send Orders & Submissions to:

Marie Kazalia
PO BOX 422344
San Francisco CA 94142-2344
Marie Kazalia
PO BOX 485
Cortland, OH 44410

E-mail: or & &
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Monday, January 31

female urban monk

female urban monk
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chapbook titled:

Tales of the Female Urban Monk of the 21st Century
by Marie Kazalia
long narrative poems about Marie the female urban monk in San Francisco...


Monday, December 27

3 literary annuals Clara Venus, fulva falva, DEFECT CULT

CLARA VENUS One ISSN 1553-7285

released April 2005--now SOLD OUT

fulva flava ISSN 1553-7293

November 2005 copies now available for purchase
Now available...the November 2K5 Issue of *fulva falva* features
a selection of *Night “ poems by B Z Niditch
and includes poetry and prose by:
Elizabeth Brunazzi
Mark Terrill
Amy Purton-Long
Richard Kostelanetz
Alan Catlin
Susan Richardson
Francis Poole
Kit Kennedy
Hal Sirowitz
Julie L. Andrews
Dave Church
Reginald S. Lewis
Alison Carb Sussman
Mark Sonnenfeld
Susan Mauer
Joseph Farley
Lana Hechtman Ayers
Christopher Mulrooney & his translation of: Stuart Merril
Barbara Hoffman
Paul Corman-Roberts
Lyn Lifshin
Graham Nunn
Nikki Thompson
Shane Alllison
Michelle Hill
Charles Curtis Blackwell
Laurie Stone
Taylor Graham
Cheryl Townsend
Guy R. Bennning
Tsaurah Litzky
Robert J. Savino
Morrigan Benton-Floyd
Robin Demers
Tina Butcher
T. Kilgore Splake
Shari Koopmann
David B. McCoy
Tracy M. Rogers
Michael Rothenberg
August Highland
Annette Marie Hyder

photos and art by:
Jing Zhou
Cheryl Townsend
Guy R. Benning
Catherine Marche
August Highland
Tracy M. Rogers
Ellen Peckham
Tantra Bensko

about Red Hand Press publications:
To order individual copies of fulva falva, or advance copies of DEFECT CULT
or for subscriptions, contact Marie Kazalia at e-mail:
A copy of Clara Venus One has been added to the Special Collections of
the Univeiisty of Wisconsin-Madison’s Library.

( from the editor)

One recent early evening as I sat on the bank of a stream,
from time to time looking up from my book to watch my Rouen
duck and drake swim and mate on the water--reading from a
musty smelling 1947 first edition copy of Wallace Fowlie’s
*Rimbaud*, this--

*Saint Augustine, whose Confessions never cease to be amazing
in their psychological intuitions, states in this respect: “I no
longer knew how to distinguish between the sweet light of
tenderness and the blackness of sensuality.*

..which struck me as a fitting phrase for this issue of *fulva falva*
(after the fact of selection) contained within this inaugural issue
of fulva flava. Even the cover photo by Jing Zhou contains the
torn divided positive and negative aspects of light....

..then, in an old art book (most of these seem to primarily quote the
words of men,) I found these profound and applicable words of Degas:
*We are made to look at each other, aren’t we.*

...there are many more quotes I would like to add here,but I would prefer
to receive them in your submissions...I would like your creative writing
from quotations of women...past or presently living-- from
women, about women...

A special thanks to Diane diPrima who caused my first annual
Clara Venus to be more farflung than otherwise, to Elizabeth
Brunazzi for taking copies of CV to Paris France, to Reginald
Lewis, Michael Rothenburg for encouragement and moral support,
and many others who may prefer to remain unnamed here, and thanks
to Cheryl Townsend for her generous permission to use of her
photographic art.

A copy of Clara Venus One has been added to the Special Collections of
the University of Wisconsin-Madison Library.

Marie Kazalia

E-mail submissions:
Red Hand Press
fulva flava
Clara Venus
To order individual copies or subscriptions, contact Marie Kazalia at


forthcoming Winter 2006

Sunday, December 12

neo-victorian Marie

neo-victorian Marie
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Marie Kazalia will read juicy journal excerpts at the Jon Sims Center for the Arts, 11th & Mission Streets, San Francisco, as part of the *JUICE* show of performers, dancers, singers...Marie will read bits from the performers diaries and her own--
friday Feb 11th and Sat Feb 12th 2K5
e-mail for more info--or e-send your regular mailing address to receive a photo promo postcard for this event and the fundraiser party in January 2K5